the challenge

Founded in 1948, Alro Steel processes and distributes metals, plastics and industrial supplies to over 50,000 customers in North America.

With locations in 15 states, Alro faces challenges in recruiting and hiring team members in nearly every region they serve. They were looking to try a different approach to recruitment.

Plan with Purpose

  • Use targeted, cost-effective digital strategies

  • Fill open positions in 3 Chicagoland territories

  • Compete with local competitors also looking to hire

the approach

Smart Strategies. Clever Targeting.

We used multiple digital tactics combined with Behavioral Targeting to focus on specific people based on their online and offline behaviors, in a very targeted geographic area and layered in Geo-Fencing, Artificial Intelligence and Retargeting.

  • Social Mirror ads look like social posts but appear on websites and apps

  • Mobile Conquesting allowed us to reach people on mobile devices

  • Native Ads display on all devices with varying looks and content

the results

Digital Works for Recruitment

We executed a 3-month digital campaign using specific targeting and relevant strategies. One of Alro’s locations filled half of their open positions and began seeing up to 15 interviews a week. Another one of their Chicagoland locations was fully staffed after only one month. All three locations experienced an uptick in applicants and corporate inquiries also increased during the length of the campaign.


Total Ad Impressions


Total Clicks on Ads


X the National Average