What’s better than knowing who your prospective customers are? Knowing where they are! With expos, trade shows and seminars galore, there are tons of opportunities to get in front of your target audience. Simple, right? The reality is, attending and exhibiting at these events isn’t always easy, or possible. Booths can be expensive, your schedule might be booked that week, or the event may have already come and gone without you there.

There is some good news! It may not be too late to capture and engage that audience. With mobile conquesting, you can still get your business in front of those event attendees.

What is Event Mobile Conquesting?

Picture this: you attend a trade show that’s flooded with high quality leads just waiting to connect with you and your brand. You can only get face time with so many people, exchange countless business cards or deliver pitches till you’re blue in the face. While this may make a great first impression, there’s still more work to do.

Enter, mobile conquesting! A world where attendees can be geo-fenced and digital ads can be served to them during and even after they leave the event. These ads appear in mobile web browsers and apps, allowing you to reach the people you didn’t get to meet face-to-face or continue to reach the ones you did – furthering the impact of attending that event. Think of it like leaving your business card on their phone! 

Missed Out on Attending the Event? No biggie. It’s not just for events that are happening right now. With geo-framing, you can go back in time (cue the 80’s memory montage effects) to a past expo or event that’s a great fit for your business and target those attendees with digital ads.

Of course, as cool as time travel is, it’s important to plan ahead when possible. Rather than launching a campaign after the event, try to factor the event into your advertising schedule. The more intentional your advertising plan is, the more effective it will be.

How Does Mobile Conquesting Help You?

For B2B organizations, these large events can give you access to decision-makers, shot-callers and powerholders. Reach C-Suite execs with relevant, engaging ads that include the call to action you want and get the lead, form submission or demo request that you’ve been hoping for.

Don’t worry – it’s not just B2Bs that can benefit from mobile conquesting. Digital advertising works for B2C companies too! Engage your consumers with messaging that broadcasts your brand to people who are looking to buy right now. Maybe every year your company attends an automotive or a bridal trade show, but lately, your results of those efforts are leaving something to be desired. Boost your presence, further your connections and increase brand visibility by geo-framing the event!

Ready to cast a wider net and make a bigger splash using mobile conquesting? Barcelona Creative Group can help.

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