It’s no secret that the internet is a very cool place. With content to keep you engaged for hours and the ability to stay connected to people anytime, on every device, it’s no wonder people are spending more and more time online.

It also means there are endless ways to connect your business, products and services to customers and prospects. Digital advertising utilizes the wealth of online data to help you reach the right people and increase brand visibility. And our insights and custom reporting will show you results and measure ROI.

Here is a little of what’s cool in digital as you plan for 2020:

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) tactics we can serve display, native or video ads to people on all devices. What’s even cooler is that by using machine learning, we can identify prospects who you may never have even thought would be potential customers. As types of individuals engage with your ads, AI goes out and finds other people who look like those who are converting and adds them to your target audience. This allows you to build more qualified audiences for future campaigns AND a great ROI. Far out!

Native Ads

Worried about people ignoring digital ads? Native ads combat this as they’re designed to fit right in. Compatible with all devices, native ads assume the look, feel and visual context of the website and app they are served on. Because these ads are so adaptive, they appear just like the content on the rest of the page and therefore, they are often less ignored and perform better. The audience you want to show these ads to can be built using AI, behaviors, keywords or lookalike targeting. How cool is that?!

Mobile Conquesting

In a world where average time spent on mobile devices in the U.S. is surpassing time spent watching TV, wouldn’t it be smart to target people on their favorite device – their smartphone? With Mobile Conquesting you can do just that! We build audiences based on certain demographics, behaviors and locations. And we can continue to speak to them using display and/or video ads. Is it cool in here or is it just all these super cool digital advertising opportunities?!

These awesome tactics are just the tip of the digital iceberg! Digital marketing can bring real-time analytics, adaptive experiences and smarter targeting capabilities to your marketing strategy.

Ready to go digital? We can help.

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