Brand communities are the greatest showcase of brand loyalty. This group is made up of your brand’s most dedicated customers and followers who will not only continue to purchase from you but will also enjoy and share your content with friends and family.

Having a brand community is a powerful business tool. Not only are they your greatest advocates, but they also serve as an inexpensive form of advertising for your products and services. Having an established group that feels strongly about your brand can help immensely in gaining new leads and additional community members!

How to Build a Brand Community

Finding a brand community is as simple as checking who follows you on social media. These are the users who care about what you have to say and what your brand is doing day-to-day. They want to be updated on your journey, which is why you should pay attention to their wants and needs by engaging with them as much as you can. When communicating with them and providing content, always remember that your brand community has an emotional connection.

What to Do Next

The most important part of building and managing your brand community is engaging with them and finding ways for them to engage with each other. Remembering this during your daily social media management will make a big difference in the connections you retain. This can be done by creating shareable content that you can encourage your followers to interact with. Ask questions about what you are doing right and what you can improve on, share news and information about what your brand has to offer. Use these members to gain insight for future decision making and keep your content fresh, simple, informative and interactive!

Tips to Remember

  • Define Your Brand
    Make sure that your brand has a strong persona and is cohesive across all platforms.
  • Make a List of Goals You’d Like to Reach
    Defining your goals is a great way to set a strong purpose for your brand community and will help you to use metrics to track these goals in the future. What does success look like for your brand specifically?
  • Focus on Platforms That Work for You
    If Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are where your customers engage with you most often, focus on maintaining your brand community in those places and interact with them and even encourage them to interact with each other.

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Source: Sprout Social “What is a brand community and how to build a successful one” (August 12, 2020 Blog written by Chloe West)

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