BCG is in the Christmas Spirit! We’re having a countdown to Christmas, and to spread the cheer we’re sharing our Christmas favorites! Today is day four, and today we’re each remembering our favorite Christmas activities.

Cate Horvatic: “Over 30 years ago, my Mom created the original Elf on the Shelf. He is a small, super cute mouse that we call Mousie. He appears every holiday season and hides somewhere new every day. He only moves when everyone is sleeping and cannot be touched or else he will lose his magic and won’t be able to move around. I have always loved this tradition!”

Carey Wise: “Every year my family and I attend our church candlelight service on Christmas Eve. It’s a beautiful ceremony.”

Juli Barcelona: “I think my favorite tradition is all of my Mom’s Christmas cookies and treats. Most of them only come around this one time each year, and since I did not inherit the baking gene I really do enjoy this!”

Krista Hartman: “Going downtown with the family to see the decorations, visiting the Christkindlmarket and eating at the Walnut Room.”

Jocelyn Gonzalez: “My niece loves going to Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. My family is large, but it’s become somewhat of a tradition for all of us to get together, bring our closest friends and walk through the beautiful installations.”

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know!

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Come back tomorrow for Day Five of our Christmas Countdown!

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