Drumroll, please! And, the Pantone Color of the Year 2018 is…

Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838.

Pantone describes this shade as, “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points towards the future.” The Color of the Year is meant to not only show what’s trending in the world of design, but to also provide insight into what our world currently needs. Ultra Violet is meant to symbolize inventiveness and imagination, pushing all to explore the limitless possibilities.

What might this mean for brands?
Traditionally, purple has symbolized royalty or majesty, associated with wealth, cosmology, spirituality and unconventionality. It’s had a bit of a mysterious quality. Darker shades of purple can represent luxury, while lighter shades tend to be more feminine. That’s why it might be best suited for targeting a female audience.

Color can evoke emotion and really help a brand stand out. It can also influence how consumers view a brand or what values they believe that brand might stand for.

What are some other examples of the use of color in branding? Let’s take a look!

Because red is such a bold color associated with warmth, danger and passion, it can symbolize strength, confidence and power. While it can be used to stand out, it has such power that it is sometimes used with discretion.

Our personal favorite! Orange is a color that communicates activity, energy and vibrancy, making it well suited for youthful and creative brands, but best avoided for traditional or serious brands.

The color of the sun, it is easily seen from afar and corresponds with cheerfulness and joy. But, it can also alert people to take caution. Yellow can be used to communicate energy and is generally interpreted as playful.

This color has two very common meanings – one being nature and the other being wealth. Darker shades tend to represent richness and abundance, while lighter shades can signify growth, freshness and vitality.

Universally, this is probably one of the most preferred colors. Companies that tend to choose blue are usually trying to convey dependability and trustworthiness, open communication and credibility. In terms of emotion, it can be seen as calming, or it can be associated with depression. Therefore, with a color as versatile as blue, finding the right shade can be a delicate process.

Choosing the right color for your brand is important. At Barcelona Creative Group, we believe that your brand creates meaning and value – it’s everything your business represents. If you need help identifying the feeling you want your brand to convey, contact us today!

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