Artificial Intelligence isn’t just science fiction anymore. AI can supercharge your marketing strategy and even boost your digital marketing ROI. “What? How?” you ask… Let’s break it down.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) shows your display or video ads to people across all devices, using machine learning to target consumers based on who is engaging with the ad. Using machine learning, AI narrows in on the ideal audience, and creates a personal experience that consumers want by displaying ads that better relate to them. Data is constantly collected and analyzed every minute about who is engaging with your ad: clicks, conversions, browser type, device, ad creative sizes, types of websites and apps and more!

The result? A brand interaction that leaves every audience member with the impression that the brand was made just for them. Instead of being another face in the crowd, your brand becomes more relevant and speaks to the interests and pain-points of an individual.

Uncover New Leads, Super Charge Digital Marketing ROI

Because of its data-driven nature, digital marketing yields real-time analytics and is highly adaptable to help generate higher quality leads. Machine learning takes it a step further, locating look-alike prospects that share common behaviors and interests as the people that have already positively responded to your ad. The more interaction the ad gets, the more analytics can be collected and applied so the advertising experience can be optimized in real-time. Pretty cool huh? Stop paying for impressions that fail to impress and, instead, reach new prospects you didn’t even think to target.

If you aren’t using AI in your digital advertising, you should know that your competitors probably are. In 2018, one survey found that 47% of digital advertisers from all over the world were using AI. Don’t fall behind. Get ahead of your competition. We can help… Let’s Talk!

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