It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but every year it is important to take a step back and remember what the holidays are really about. Here at BCG we believe Christmas is a time to be spent with loved ones and to spread joy and give to others – and we don’t necessarily mean presents.

As it turns out, several brands seem to believe the same thing we do when it comes to giving during the holidays and they haven’t been afraid to share that message with consumers.


Brands such as Walmart and Macy’s have rolled out ads trying to, in a way, teach that Christmas is not just about getting presents for yourself, it is about giving to others – that is what will bring you true joy during the most wonderful time of the year!

Walmart’s conducted a recent social experiment to help promote their #FillTheTruck effort. They asked hundreds of kids, if given the option, would they rather pick out a toy from the store for themselves or pick out a toy for a child who doesn’t get many gifts for Christmas. They tell you in the video that nearly 80% of them chose to give. They feature some of these children answering questions and walking through the store picking out toys to “fill the truck” with that will be given to The Salvation Army.

Macy’s ad stars a little girl and her younger brother who gain ownership of a magic pencil that grants wishes. You learn how much this girl wants a puppy for Christmas, and so when she finds the pencil she tries to write letters to Santa asking for this puppy, but her wish just keeps getting erased off the page. She learns that only when she asks for good things for other people do her wishes written on the page come true. And, so she goes around town granting everyone’s wishes – especially her little brother’s.


Eventually, Christmas morning comes and it seems that the little girl thought that with all the good she did for others, she thought maybe Santa would bring her a puppy. At first you see no puppy, but in the end the little girl does get her wish and you find that it was her little brother who used her magic pencil to grant this wish for his sister. It is an effort to get people to go to Macy’s to mail letters to Santa and for every letter they will donate to Make-A-Wish and they use the statement, “Make someone’s wishes come true”.

Both are really very touching and send a great message about giving during the holidays – a message that both children and adults can learn from. We think both ads are worth checking out!

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