Digital MarketingDelivering Results for Third Party Administrators

For years building broker relationships was the only way to market TPA services. While these partnerships are still critical, Third Party Administrators are now discovering the proven benefits of a strong brand image and the addition of digital marketing strategies. 

Third party administrators (TPAs) are experts in providing self-funded healthcare plans. Even greater than their passion for employee benefit solutions is their dedication to helping employers control the rising costs of healthcare while fostering better health and wellness. 

“We have over 25 years of experience working with independent TPAs. What TPAs do is unique and complex, making our understanding of their business extremely valuable.”

       Tom Barcelona, Founder and CEO

Digital marketing presents many advantages – it delivers measurable results and consumer insights, increases engagement and enhances online and mobile presence. It is also a cost-effective way for our TPA clients to compete with the major carriers.

Interactive websites, blogs, online videos, email marketing, paid search and social media postings generate increased activity and interest from prospective brokers, agents and employers. And they are helping TPAs communicate more effectively with a younger and expanding demographic.

The marketing programs we create for our TPA clients build greater brand awareness. Across all media, we develop a cohesive brand that positions the TPA as a recognizable authority for health benefits information. All efforts, digital or traditional, are created to support the TPA’s sales efforts, provide relevant content, generate leads and build their reputation as experts in employee health benefits. 

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Creating Promise for Diversified Group

Social media and other digital marketing strategies strengthen Diversified Group's online presence, generate leads and build their reputation as experts in self-insured employee health benefits. 

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Videos for TPAs

We have created a series of videos to help TPAs market their services. Our newest video "Why Choose a TPA?" explores what leading TPAs are doing to make a difference in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment. This video was featured at the Health Care Administrators Association 2017 Executive Forum in Las Vegas, NV.

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