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Effective Digital Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

The average person is exposed to 10,860 ads a month and of those only 3% make an impact. You need frequency to break through the noise. Digital needs frequency, optimizations, tracking and time for retargeting to work effectively.

Increasing your website traffic helps your organic Search Engine Optimization. The amount of traffic that comes to your website is a top ranking signal that Google looks at to determine where you rank for keywords related to your business.

That national average click-through-rate is .07%. Which means that for every 100,000 impressions you run you should get at least 70 clicks on your ad that take people to your website.

We provide you with monthly reports that include impressions, clicks, conversions and view throughs.  In addition, for certain products we are also able to provide website and app breakouts, creative performance and device performance.

The national average click-through-rate is .07%. Which means that for every 100,000 impressions you run you should get at least 70 clicks on your ad that take people to your website. To measure how many clicks will convert into leads or sales you would want to know what your typical website conversion rate is. In other words, of the people that typically come to your website, how many of them convert (do what you want them to do)? Take that percentage times the number of clicks to estimate the number of leads. For example: if you run 300,000 impressions you should expect at least 210 people will click on the ad and come to your website. If you typically convert 5% of people from your website, that would be 210 x 5%, or 10 conversions should be expected.

The likelihood of seeing your ad “live” is slim – even if you type in keywords we are targeting or try to get yourself retargeted off your website. Millions of available ad impressions and your budget is a small percentage of those impressions.

YES! We offer advertising options for all 3 of the biggest ad platforms – Google, Facebook and Amazon. Because more than 50% of product searches now happen on Amazon (35% on Google) it is important to reach people beyond just Google and Facebook.

We offer many types of digital video advertising: Video Retargeting, Video Keyword Targeting, Video IP Targeting, Video Behavioral Targeting, Facebook & Instagram Video, YouTube, Native Video, Amazon Targeting Video and Over-the-Top/Connected TV (OTT/CTV).


Content Leader

Juli Barcelona Majchrzak

At BCG, Juli serves clients nationwide, bringing intensely creative planning skills together with expertise in digital marketing, social media and multi-channel strategies. Blending the power of envelope-pushing creativity with proven tactics to strategize and execute innovative campaigns, Juli knows how to get the job done, and done well. Juli stands out in her ability to help clients figure out what they want and where to begin. Her keen insights on current trends and proven methods, along with an attentive ear, come together to help clients create and solve marketing problems and rise to a new level of potential.


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