Summer is just a few weeks away, and many of us are dreaming of vacation. It’s so tempting to hang the “Gone Fishing” sign and take the summer off, but your brand never takes a day off. Rather than checking out, check in with your brand strategy. Not sure if your brand deserves a passing grade? Put it to the test.

Does the strength of your brand start from within? Too often, organizations try to build an external marketing strategy first, focusing on selling a brand before they build it. This creates a “cart before the horse” situation. Before your clients and consumers can buy into your brand, your team has to believe in it. Your brand is not just a campaign or slogan, it is present in every interaction your team has within the organization and with your consumer base. Check in with your brand managers, make sure they understand what your brand means to the organization and its consumers. Take an active approach to internal brand building, learn what motivates your team and create opportunities for employee input.

Is your brand message unified? Inconsistencies in brand messaging cause confusion for both your team and your consumers. Lacking clear brand identity makes it harder for your workforce and consumers to feel invested in the brand, which hinders brand loyalty. Brands are always evolving, but this process should take place inside and out. A brand that resonates with its audience is a very powerful thing, and a strong brand message can mobilize your organization and your clients. Internal evaluation, client surveys, and subsequent internal marketing are all ways to evaluate and assess your brand in order to grow your business.

Do you know how your brand measures up? Understanding how your brand is positioned in a competitive market makes it possible for your organization to implement marketing tactics that optimize your messaging. When your workforce has a consistent brand to guide them, your external audience will resonate with your brand too! A Brand Audit can provide helpful insights to what your consumers have come to expect from your brand, what they wish would change, and how they view you in comparison to your competition.

Branding that lacks substance can stunt business growth and even cost you key talent. Finish top of your class with branding that kicks…well you know the rest!

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