You’ve seen them, posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest with “#ad #sponsored” in their caption. Influencer marketing, when a trusted source shares content that encourages followers to invest their time and money in a brand the influencer approves of, is thriving in our social media driven market. This approach helps brands reconnect to consumers that have lost faith in big advertising. In a multi-platform strategy, influencer marketing offers brands the opportunity to humanize themselves, gaining a liaison that has already earned the trust of consumers. Influencers have shown that they’re worth their weight in gold, as on average every dollar spent on an influencer campaign yields $6.60 in revenue. The good news is that you don’t have to find big celebrities to work with. Instead, you should look to influencers who are relevant to your industry and target audience, including micro-influencers having under 10,000 followers.

As we’ve discussed with content marketing before, influencer marketing should be integrated with other forms of media and requires strong brand image to direct it. While 56% of agency and brand marketers believe influencer marketing can positively impact how people feel about their brand, 56% also say that finding the right talent for a brand campaign is challenging. This could come from not only having too large a selection of influencers to choose from, but also from lacking a clear brand identity.

Before you can find a brand ambassador, you have to establish who you are as an organization. Your consumer base demands authenticity, and to deliver a truly genuine brand message, you need to have a truly genuine brand. Take the time to think of your business as a person and consider the following characteristics:

Personality. If your brand was described by its closest friends, what would they say about you? Are you energetic, serious, curious, pensive? Do you live life to the fullest, or do you prefer to take calculated risks? These characteristics all matter because your influencer should have personality traits that resonate with your brand. Ask yourself – would your brand and the brand of this influencer want to be friends?

Motivations. If your brand was a person, what would make them tick? Maybe you seek adventure, maybe you fancy a bit of luxury. What is the experience your brand is aiming to create, no matter what industry you occupy? Your motivations help shape the way you project and promote your brand, and you’ll want an influencer that sees things the way you do. Take the time to think about who your business can support as a united organization. Think about your employees, what interests they share and how they can show their support publicly. When selecting your influencer, do your homework – examine their reputation both offline and online. Read their comments and responses, do a deep dive into their social pages and see if it reflects the motivations of your brand.

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