I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I blinked and it’s the middle of October. As we discuss 2019 marketing plans and advertising strategies, I find myself asking, “How did we get to the end of 2018 so quickly?”

However, the reality is, it’s been a busy year at Barcelona Creative Group – filled with change and evolution. It’s no secret that change can be scary and stressful. But here’s a little something that may help ease the anxiety… A Towers Watson 2014 “Global Workforce Study” surveyed more than 32,000 employees from medium-sized and large business organizations across a range of industries, in 26 global markets, and found that more than 70% had experienced major change in the last year. Yep, 7 out of every 10 workers are in the midst of great change at any given time.

Why is change so intimidating? What would it look like if we instead embraced change for the opportunities it could bring? I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,” giving us hope that change can bring great things.

As a marketing and communications agency (or, as we like to call it – the Powerhouse), change is always happening. We are charged with helping clients navigate the fast-paced world of social media, digital marketing, media relations and more. At the same time, they’re challenged with building corporate culture, strengthening employee engagement, and improving communications with the multiple generations in their workforce, etc.

In our own organization, our team has grown; we’re expanding the services we offer clients (and future clients) and putting leadership changes into motion. When I say it all out loud, it does seem a bit overwhelming. But it’s also exciting. After all, these same things have re-ignited that “can-do” attitude, bringing fresh ideas, new perspective and additional opportunities to light. That’s when the magic happens.

If you know our agency then you know we are a family business, started by my father 28 years ago. It’s where I’ve spent the last 16 years. And now, we are moving into a 2nd generation of leadership. No matter how big or small in size, a family-owned organization evolving to the next generation is a milestone and something to take great pride in. Speaking as the next generation, it’s also very nerve-wracking to continue the legacy and improve upon what came before you. As I navigate this next phase of my professional life with my sister, having someone to share it with does make it seem a bit more manageable.

Over the years and through these potentially life-changing decisions, we’ve always found shared comic relief in, and been able to relate our experiences to, almost any episode of our favorite 90’s TV sitcom. You know, the one about those six famous characters navigating life, work, friendship and more.

That first episode, “The One Where It All Began” was full of big changes and defining moments. Rachel had run out on her wedding, choosing to leave a very comfortable life with an orthodontist to start all over in a world she knew nothing about. A world where she had to make her own coffee, get a job, cut up the credit cards her father paid and be on her own for the first time. When is that not scary and who hasn’t felt the growing pains that come with venturing into something new for the first, or even the tenth time?

Ross finds himself single again after basically spending his entire adult life with the same woman who turns out to be a lesbian. As he wonders, “What if there’s only one woman for everybody?” Joey welcomes him back to the world of dating, claiming this to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Ok, so maybe not all of us can totally relate here, but I think a lot of us have asked those big “What if?” questions. What if there’s only one perfect job for everyone? What if I make a mistake? What if I fail? How about, “What if I succeed and end up with something greater than what I started with?” Now that sounds more exciting!

Those who have watched the series know that the decision to change her mind resulted in arguably much greater things for Rachel. And, an unwanted change that was brought upon Ross enabled him to get out there and “grab a spoon.” Proving that change, while often scary, can open doors that you never imagined were possible.

I love that first episode of Friends, and the 235 more that followed. If I’m not alone in that, feel free to share your favorite episode in the comments. And at the very least, I hope you will enjoy some comic relief as we share our experiences – both marketing and business related. Until next time… we’ll be there for you!


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