Take Five Talks Internal Branding, Instagram and More
Take Five
The Beat | November 2018

Stop Neglecting Your Employees,
Take An Active Approach to Internal Brand Building


More likely than not, you've spent time discovering what it is that makes your brand special to your consumers, but have you determined what makes it special to your own employees? If you're not sure, you can bet they probably don't know either.

Think Instagram is Just for the Kids? Think Again.
Between Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, Instagram is the only platform where the split of new users over the age of 35 vs. under the age of 35 will be nearly 50/50. Social networks are gunning for user attention, adding features that can help you better reach your target audience.

2018 is the first year that more than half of  Americans will access Instagram at least once a month, totaling 104.7 million users. As the buying power of Gen Z continues to increase, it's necessary to understand how their spending habits are influencing overall markets and marketing.

The One With...Our New Blog Series!

Over the years, our team has always found shared comic relief in, and been able to relate our experiences to, almost any episode of our favorite 90's TV sitcom. You know, the one about those six famous Friends. We're very excited to introduce our new blog series, "The One With" and we hope you enjoy it!

The One Where We Decide to Embrace Change

Why is change so intimidating? What would it look like if we embraced change for the opportunities it could bring?


The One Where Outdoor Has Its Day

Outdoor was always considered to be a more traditional form of media. But, in recent years we've watched it find its space in a digital world and make a strong comeback.


Warm Wishes From Our Family to Yours!


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