The fads of 2018 have come and gone. As 2019 approaches we are excited about refreshed, refined office designs. Looking back at some of our favorite trends of 2018, we are making some predictions for what’s to come in the new year. Here are a few of our predictions.

Group Spaces

Despite the failure of open office plans, group spaces that allow for casual, open collaboration are expected to stick around. These spaces should be comfortable and may exist outside of traditional workspaces. Cafes, dining areas, lobby spaces, even rooms designed to hang out and socialize can all become places of business. This flexibility helps foster open and easy conversation, allowing employees to break off into informal groups or work individually in a close yet comfortable shared space.

Branding that Goes Beyond the Logo

When you step into the BCG office, the first thing you will see is our orange wall. For us, orange is a mindset, powering creativity, passion, and curiosity. Make your internal branding a part of your office design. Incorporate the shapes, colors, elements, and designs that highlight your brand identity.

Modern Retro? When Old Meets New!

While it sounds like an oxymoron, designs in 2018 often featured vintage designs with modern twists. Maybe your favorite bar has added some funky Edison bulbs, or your boss has a vintage desk with sleek modern hardware. You can pull this trend in by incorporating antiques or pieces with weathered textures, or smooth and soft textures that provide a worn-in feel. This trend is all about bringing together elements that feature old-world craftsmanship with modern accents. This can be as simple as having a retro desk and chair with a modern computer set up and tech.

Greenery in the Office

The “second nature” and “biophilic” trend is all about bringing the benefits of being in nature into the office. Because we spend so much time indoors, we often miss out on the health benefits that nature offers. With the idea that sunshine, plants, and cleaner air can improve moods and productivity, this trend brings in plant life and strategic lighting to help employees feel like they’re in the great outdoors. While some offices go as far as installing a living green wall, you can incorporate smaller pieces such as hanging plants and terrariums, or natural materials like wood or stone with visible natural patterns such as wood grain or banding. Nature can be featured in every room of your office and can really pack a punch in creative spaces, meeting rooms, reception areas, and dining and break areas. We keep live plants all throughout the office, helping boost energy!



While your office is a place of business, it doesn’t hurt to make it a bit more fun! The ways your employees have fun are going to be very unique to your workforce. As we discussed before, internal branding that is built on the values and interests of your employees naturally encourages involvement. Surveys are a great way to pinpoint what employees want from their workplace, what they would enjoy, and the improvements they see could be made. Our favorite source of fun? Norman, the office dog! As dog lovers (especially Westies!), Norman puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

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