It’s becoming a BIG trend this year… ad campaigns that are meant to touch people’s hearts and relate their product to the consumer’s very personal feelings and experiences. It feels like not one week goes by without seeing an article that prepares me to grab my tissues before watching the newest video that’s out there.

I think to myself, “How is yet another video going to put me to tears?” Then, after a minute into the video I really do find myself on the verge of tears! Yet another company has succeeded in what they set out to do – make a personal connection with a consumer.

In a new video, Quaker Canada promotes their “Goodness starts today” campaign. A father and a daughter are asked separately what they would like more of in their lives and both of them give the answer that they’d like to spend more time with the other. So, Quaker gives them the opportunity to do just that, but makes them start immediately. What you end up seeing is a glimpse into a real parent and child relationship. You also see a family of five living their every day lives while also consuming Quaker products – different chewy bars, quinoa bars and oatmeal, to name a few. And, it’s heartwarming.

Being a parent myself, I understand wanting to spend more time with my children. Many parents with older kids tell me to enjoy it as it all goes by too fast. I believe them. So, I quickly picked up on the message Quaker was putting out there – to stop simply thinking about or talking about how I actually want to spend my time and to just go out there and do it. Now’s as good a time as any – my goodness can start today!

Now does this mean that I intend to run out and buy their products today? Not necessarily. But, you know what they say – any press is good press. After watching their video, I will think of that brand fondly and I’ll know that their values are in line with mine. I will anticipate seeing more of this campaign and if I hear about a new video they roll out, I’ll be sure to check it out. And, down the road will this lead to me purchasing their products? It just might.

So, grab your tissues, or some oatmeal, and enjoy Quaker’s video!

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