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30 and Rising: P02 – Amazon Targeting

In this episode of the 30 and Rising Marketing Podcast, Barcelona Creative Group leaders Juli Barcelona and Cate Horvatic, discuss how businesses can fuel their online and digital campaigns with the power of Amazon! Amazon has collected MASSIVE amounts of data about its users which can be used to target ads both on and off Amazon. With Amazon Targeting, Barcelona Creative Group helps businesses target with display ads on and off Amazon.com and video/OTT on Amazon owned properties and partner websites and apps. Juli and Cate, along with guest co-host Allison Gibson from VICI Media, describes the various types of targeting strategies available with this awesome digital strategy. Enjoy the podcast! Want to learn more…

30 and Rising: P01 – Digital Marketing Strategies to Help You Stand Out from Competitors

In this episode of the 30 and Rising podcast Juli and Cate discuss the need for businesses today to do things differently and get creative when it comes to their marketing strategy. And, how being innovative with new media can help your business stand out from competitors. They discuss how and why people are spending their time on Connected TV and Online Audio – two specific digital marketing tactics that make sense for advertisers today and how these strategies allow you to target the right customers for your business.

Featured Contributors

Not only do these two sisters work together, they work alongside their Dad, Tom Barcelona, who started Barcelona Creative Group 30 years ago. Juggling leadership roles, family and life in general, while growing this 2nd generation, family-owned agency, why not also co-host a Marketing Podcast together!


Juli Barcelona


With an unstoppable appetite for knowledge, a love for big ideas, a kind demeanor and a constant craving to be innovative, Juli gets stuff done and done well for agency clients.


Cate Horvatic


With an empathetic ear and strong commitment to her team and to clients, Cate gets to the heart of what the client needs and it’s rare that she misses a beat.

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