Great brands know how to evoke emotion. Being “dog people” here at BCG, this new Pedigree commercial certainly pulled at our heart strings.

Aiming right for your soft spot, the brand knows sometimes we need a dog as much as a dog needs us. This new ad from Pedigree’s long-running “Feed the Good” campaign, turns the tables on dog adoptions. Would you get picked?

It is also worth noting how the people in cages are portrayed in this commercial. The majority of them have their heads buried in devices, yet look incredibly lonely. In a world where we are more connected than ever, people seem to be feeling more and more alone. Recent research indicates that loneliness may be the next biggest public health issue – with numbers on par with obesity and substance abuse. A recent review of studies indicated that loneliness increases mortality risk by 26%.

But, why are we getting lonelier?

Modern society is often considered to be the cause. Young adults continue to move further distances from extended family and friends, and the ever growing reliance on communicating via electronic devices rather than face-to-face interaction is blamed for making us feel increasingly isolated. Studies show that individuals today feel less connected to others and that relationships are viewed as superficial and less rewarding.

People are innately social beings and need to feel that they “belong” or are connected to one another. Brands that can bring people together and make people feel connected will certainly evoke positive emotions and resonate with modern society.

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