Recently, we’ve been posting about some of the holiday ads out there that we were particularly fond of. Many of them were on trend with the rest of the year’s advertising – really tugging at the heartstrings.

There is one brand out there that has rolled out a number of holiday ads for the season and while some are funny, others are more on the touching side. But, all of them are pretty great, worth watching and they all come from…Toys R’ Us.

BarbieKen ToysRUs

I’d have to say that the favorite is one called “Lost” that features Barbie and Ken driving around a Toys R’ Us store with Barbie accusing Ken of being lost and Ken being too proud to ask another toy for directions. Each of the humorous commercials promote all that Toys R’ Us stores have to offer consumers – large stores with tons of awesome toys (“Lost” and “Stock Boy”), discounts for cardholders and sales on certain toys (“Legal Bot” and “Snatched Up”) and guaranteed price match (“Optimus Prime”). They even created one to speak to all those very excited Star Wars fans (“Like Father, Like Daughter”)!

However, there are a couple that are very moving. One of them shows children trying to help spread Christmas cheer to their neighbor who seems to not have anyone to celebrate the season with. And, the other is about a boy and his father who are just hoping to have Mom home to share Christmas with them. Both of these ads speak to us here at BCG because they are right in line with what we’ve mentioned in our recent post about what we think Christmas is really all about – giving to others and spending time with loved ones.

Neighbor ToysRUs

All in all, every one of the 2015 holiday ads that we have seen Toys R’ Us unveil has been pretty strong. And, they are some of our favorites of the holiday season.

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