Over the past couple years, we’ve seen marked changes in the ways people engage with video. Today you can eMarketerChartwatch an entire season of a series at your leisure or a live concert from thousands of miles away, communicate with friends via Snapchat, see breaking news from wherever you may be and, of course, create funny or endearing videos on Facebook.

Video – and the way we use it – has morphed into a meaningful, easily accessible tool for people to connect and communicate in real-time. With mobile devices so widely used, it’s easy to see how the use of video has become a standard use of practice throughout all digital media.

This year adults in the U.S. will actively spend an average of 194 minutes on a mobile device per day. Experts predict this will increase to an average of 208.45 minutes per day by 2019. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2016, a whopping 90% of millennials use their smartphones or tablets to view video. Plus, adults 25 to 49 are not far behind (see graphic above).

The reality is that most companies recognize they must have a video component in order to compete for consumers. Many companies have already added video spots just for mobile, in particular, for use via social media channels.

Experimenting with new technologies and ways to reach prospective clients and customers can be fun. However, it’s still crucial to have a cohesive and insightful strategy to give your content direction. It still takes a tactical approach to get a consumer to stop scrolling long enough to engage with your content. This is especially true as competition increases throughout mobile and streaming video. Is your business ready for the future?




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