Is your brand seeming a little bland? If you’re feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to your organization’s brand or internal company culture, maybe it’s time to evaluate! Ruts happen to all of us and whether it’s a lack of direction or a need for some invigoration, a little TLC is always a good thing for your brand and your business as a whole.

With the uninterrupted access that social media and mobile advertising bring to brands, it’s never been more crucial to stand out from the crowd. Creating a strong brand that shines from the inside out is the best way to resonate with your team as well as your marketplace. Not sure how to bring a breath of fresh air to your brand? Here are a few ways to get started.

Get Your Team on Board

You can’t propel your brand forward all on your own. It takes the momentum of an entire team to move the needle, and it’s usually best fueled by passion and enthusiasm for what they do and where they work. Remember, a brand is not just something you sell to the outside world, it’s the result of every experience and every interaction with your brand – both inside and outside of the organization.

So what’s the best way to develop a strong brand? Start from within! At Barcelona Creative Group, we call this the “Core” of your brand. It’s the reason why you and your team come to work every day, it’s the love and expertise everyone brings to the table. It’s also what draws potential talent to your organization, influencing the reputation you have as an employer. Be more than great on paper – building up your Core and living out your mission and values will help bring harmony to you brand, establish a strong foundation for success and create a team of advocates proud to be your brand’s biggest fans!

Don’t Just Feel Special, Be Special

It’s not enough to think your brand is the best in the biz, you need to find that something that truly sets you apart from your competition. At the same time, you need to understand your customer(s) and the audiences you’re trying to reach. Knowing these things will help you determine who to target and the best channels to use to connect and engage them.

This is where words turn to actions, as the “Pulp” of your brand takes form. Your Pulp is the way you do things, the services you provide, the materialization of the principles and corporate culture that you claim to have. Give your brand legs with an identity that displays that “secret sauce” your business cooks up day in and day out. You’ve discovered what makes your brand tick, now build a strategy around that.

Serve Your Brand Up on a Platter

With smarter options for advertising, there are more ways to show off your brand than ever before. If your organization hasn’t gone digital yet, the train is leaving the station and it’s time to hop on board! If you’re treating your brand right, at this point you’ve pinpointed the heart of your organization and crafted messaging that effectively communicates who you are and what you do. Now it’s time to share that message with the world!

This is what we like to call the “Zest” of your business, it’s the part that everyone sees. The stronger your brand is on the inside, the brighter your business will shine on the outside. Make your zest recognizable by creating meaningful content, sharing media that inspires desirable actions and building a loyal and engaged following.

Make Sure Your Brand Delivers

While it’s true that every good thing must come to an end, you’d be foolish not to use what you’ve learned to build your next success. Even if you’re the market favorite, you can still be your own competition. That’s what a personal best is all about, right? With the right tactics, you’ll be able to measure your efforts with data and marketing analytics that actually mean something. Digital advertising is a gold mine for data and with the right agency partner that data can come with key insights that can guide future campaigns and drive future efforts.

Eager to take your brand from bland to irresistible? If you need some help getting it there, call in the experts… At Barcelona Creative Group, we build brands and grow business.

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