Having trouble getting into the swing of 2019? A lack of organization might be holding you back, but decluttering can be a daunting task. We’ve come up with our favorite creative ways to help your workspace get and stay organized. Let’s dive in!

Clear it out. You can’t organize your trash. Purge all unnecessary papers, supplies, any odds and ends. Clear out your dreaded junk drawer and create space for your newly organized materials. One way to determine what to keep and what to toss is the KonMari method. Ask yourself does this thing serve a purpose and does it spark joy in me? If the item has outlived its utility, let it go.

File smarter. Keeping a pile of files on your desk is a surefire way to lose things in the shuffle. If you’re used to organizing by client and project, you might benefit by separating documents by priority. For example, color-coded files can indicate which documents are important and urgent, important yet not urgent, urgent yet not important, and those that aren’t important or urgent. A hierarchy system can help you make sure that everything you need to have done by the end of today is addressed.

Bust out the label maker. When everything has a place, it should also have a label. Labels not only indicate where things can be found, but also where they should be saved. Labels keep you consistent, saving useful materials from the abyss that is the junk drawer. Save yourself the lost time of searching for whatever you need.

Detangle your cables. In an increasingly digital workspace, cable clutter is just as big a problem as paper can be. Even if your keyboard, mouse, and phone charger are all cordless, wires will inevitably wind up in a tangled bundle occupying prime desk real estate. You don’t have to come up with a fancy system – use one of the most common pieces of office supplies, the binder clip.

Don’t forget the drawers. Now that the top of your desk is all cleaned up it’s time to dive into what lies below. If messy, overflowing drawers are still a point of chaos, consider using drawer organizers. If you’re frustrated with supplies rolling around when you open and close your drawers, lining them with a non-skid material can help keep things in place.

All of January, we’re tapping into our favorite power source and celebrating #CreativityMonth. Come back next week for a look at some creative predictions for digital videos in 2019.

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