Too easy. Here’s a better question: What’s going on in your office today? How about this week? This month? This year?

Business today feels like it’s rapidly and constantly changing. No matter which industry you hang your hat on, there seems to be a never-ending need to evolve, to transform. All the while, it’s equally important to stay deeply connected to the people who make your workplace tick. The duality can be tricky and intimidating, but as marketers, we honestly believe finding effective ways to communicate with your stakeholders – employees and customers, alike – is the key to staying relevant, finding connection and generating the great ideas needed to keep up with new trends while staying firmly planted in your values. Here are some promising communication-based tactics to bring your employees and customers needs and ideas to the foreground.

Include Employees in the Change Process

When a big decision needs to be made, find ways to get employee buy-in through tools like surveys or roundtables. We recommend vetting any questions or discussion topics with your fellow executives and marketing team to make sure you stay on topic and word questions in an effective way.

Show Up

Make an appearance at team celebrations, bridal/groom showers, birthdays and happy hours, even if just for a few minutes, to show your support for their hard work and their personal accomplishments. Likewise, when your team is hosting an event in the community or with customers, find an appropriate time to come out and show your support and enthusiasm for the different people and initiatives that are meaningful to your organization.

Record Your Staff Meetings and Share Notes with Employees

Keep detailed records of your meetings with staff members to capture and revisit promising ideas. Send recap emails after big meetings with employees to show a level of accountability and leave team members feeling their opinions and needs matter.

Keep an Open Door and an Open Mind

As the boss, you can stop by your employees’ desks whenever you want. Show them the same courtesy and demonstrate your willingness to talk through any outstanding or ad hoc issues, or simply to share a morning hello.

Get Social (Media)


Did you think we’d leave social media out? Not a chance. Oftentimes, we see leaders hesitant to engage on social media in a personal capacity, but did you know attitudes toward leadership increase at an astounding rate when he/she engages on social? See the accompanying image for more detail. The corresponding annual survey, published in May 2016, also notes that 90 percent of participants believe social media has become an essential aspect of communications strategy for c-suite executives and brands, and 77 percent believe social media for executives can be useful in a crisis. The research indicates these trends will only continue to grow. Conversely, 68 percent agree that CEOs who do not engage on social channels become less relevant in the digital age.*

We understand planning and thinking through communications like this can feel overwhelming. At Barcelona Creative, we’ve consistently helped leaders communicate to the people who matter most to their business. Whether you’re looking to put together a social media strategy or develop initiatives that will spark employee engagement, get in touch, because we’re a team that knows what it takes.

*Info source from Brandfog 2016 Survey

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