The digital world, the world of social media and online marketing, is constantly changing. Today, companies have a plethora of opportunities to enhance marketing capabilities with new platforms, more audience choices, and even changes instated by service vendors like Google.

We find with this state of change comes renewed potential to enhance creativity. Yet so many teams don’t take advantage of it the way they could. This can manifest in two distinct ways:

  1. With an industry that evolves so rapidly, many become obsessed to keep up with what’s trendy. As a result, they cling to the shiniest and newest technology and forget to couple it with methods that have previously worked or currently work well, or
  2. Teams are so ingrained in a company’s day-to-day messaging and communications strategy, they don’t recognize the possibility of diversifying and growing with new technology, letting opportunities pass by.

Chasing the newest tech or being too closely tied to one set of messages or a particular mode of marketing means missing the point of strategic marketing communications. It also means missing moments to get creative and think critically about new technology, its utility and limitations, and how it can work in concert with tried and true traditional methods.

How do we combat these roadblocks at BCG?

Our team is constantly evaluating, connecting and researching, keeping a strong finger on the pulse of technology and communications. We stay on top of it all, so we can pinpoint where new platforms might amplify our work. This commitment and ability to stay connected is essential and keeps us creative, especially when others lose their inspiration.

We’ve also found we can be very effective when working with an organization’s internal marketing team. Where they can be bound by internal confines, our agency setting allows us to present fresh ideas from educated third-party and consumer perspectives. Immediately, we help them expand their communications while staying true to brand standards. As a long-term result, we help clients better navigate the advertising market, the tactics available to them, and their own competitive marketplace in new ways.

This type of thinking doesn’t require a million-dollar budget. It just requires a team that isn’t afraid of change and respects the power of all communication styles. If you’re ready to work with a team that can see how the big picture of marketing communications aligns with your goals and keep its creativity, let’s talk.


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