Juli Barcelona

Agency Principal & President

Bringing strategic planning skills to the company and its clients, not to mention some pretty aggressive goals for agency growth.

When you think of Juli Barcelona, think “fearless leader.”

Cliché? No way.

Having left an investment and wealth management firm, Juli started her career at BCG with little experience in the field, but in her time with the company, she brought the caliber of work to new heights and continues to steer her team through the ever-changing world of marketing. With an unstoppable appetite for knowledge, a love for big ideas, a kind demeanor and a constant craving to get innovative, Juli gets stuff done and done well for her clients. So, well, in fact, that she’s been invited to talk to many organizations about building brands, digital media and missed opportunities around the omnichannel experience and cohesion.

How does she do it? Where Juli thrives and inspires clients and her team is her disbelief in failure.

When coupled with her ability to listen to her clients and team, Juli becomes an unstoppable force aiming to achieve impeccable results. And of course, Juli is always looking for the key learning, the takeaway knowledge that’s going to inform and optimize clients as they continue to pursue their marketing goals and exceed their full potential.

Outside of work, Juli is a wife, mother and an accomplished golfer who enjoys cooking, reading, writing and riding her Peloton.

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Get To Know Juli…

  • What is one thing you like about working with your family and one thing you don’t like?

    You have plenty of time to ask them the things that you’d normally have to call to talk about. But, you can’t really complain about your family to your co-workers!

  • Describe the soundtrack of your life in 3 to 5 songs.

    • “Days Like This” by Van Morrison
    • “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton
    • “Take the Time” by Freddy Jones Band
    • “One Safe Place” by Marc Cohn
  • What excites you most about your work and the contribution you make?

    What excites me most is that you’re never really doing the same thing twice. Every day, every client is different. And knowing that the success of the agency is largely dependent upon what I am able to help it achieve.


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