We have talked about artificial intelligence (AI) and Google’s use of RankBrain recently to help you understand the wave of digital marketing. As AI grows and improves, you can expect to find more individual user customization. This technology has some marketers worried that your Google rank would no longer be relevant to SEO. Others predict the technology can actually improve results for marketers because it will generate more quality leads for businesses, rather than just impressions for the sake of numbers.

By the end of the year, we will see AI have a more considerable influence over traditional search results. The machines will be doing the work that humans usually try to decode by predicting human behavior to provide more accurate search results.

The future of SEO won’t focus on content length, social metrics, keyword usage or your number of backlinks. Higher than expected click-through-rate achieves better organic search visibility. So, how do you accomplish this?

First, it’s important to stop using one keyword or keyword phrase. Consider including both your targeted keywords as well as variations and related keywords. Use additional words that most commonly appear in the same context as your targeted keywords.

Also, check successful competitor pages. You will have to do some research within your industry to see what is performing and how visitors are actually using the pages. Backlinks may also be another item to look into.

Ironically enough, another key to success is writing content in a more conversational tone instead of focusing on trying to beat algorithms and systems. In other words, be human! Provide a better user experience, and the algorithms will follow naturally.

Overall, content remains king. Providing fresh images and text or helpful, informational articles will set you apart from the competition. You will have to connect the dots from the keywords to the landing pages as well as from the content to the visuals. Sound complicated? Don’t worry; we can help.


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