Here at Barcelona Creative Group we certainly appreciate creativity when we see it. And, we see something genius in a video recently put out by Honda.


Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” campaign began back in 2002 with Wieden+Kennedy London. In 2013, they created a video called “Hands” to help celebrate Honda’s 65th anniversary. The two-minute piece showed a pair of hands creating 22 of Honda’s greatest products of all time. If you watched it carefully you would notice details incorporated into the video from some of the best and most awarded Honda commercials of the past. “Hands” truly proved that Honda’s advertising was just as innovative as their engineering and their products.

Now, Honda has released another two-minute video telling their history. The video is called “Paper” (a spot from RPA, filmed by PES) and it does not disappoint. It uses, you guessed it, paper to showcase the company’s many products over the years – engines, motorcycles, motors, cars, racecars and robots, to name a few. The tagline of the video is, “You never know where a dream will lead you.” And, this message has stayed in Honda’s advertising over the years – to dream up ideas that benefit people and then bring those ideas to life.

A lot of Honda’s ideas begin on paper, but evolve over time and that is exactly what this commercial does. It evolves over the length of it and helps Honda tell one remarkable story. We’d say it’s a safe bet that the company, their dreams and their advertising will all continue to progress for years to come.

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