Our HistoryStill Creative After All These Years

Tom Drums

Pictured on far left: Tom Barcelona on drums playing for the band “The Innovations.”


"Ad people are the 'rock bands' of the business world. Rock on!" - Author Unknown

If ad people are the rock bands, then the business world is their audience. Just ask Tom Barcelona who, after 12 years, left his agency position with the desire to start his own shop. Barcelona & Company, Inc. was formed in March of 1990 with just two employees and a few previous clients who chose to follow him. Over the last 25 years, just as the music world has evolved, so has this agency. 

Finding Our Rhythm

As Tom became the leader of this rock band, there were many concerns to think about before he officially launched the business: team members, clients, business partners, expenses and location. After renting a small office close to home, it was time to find the other members of his ‘band’. A few have come and gone as the years have passed and the agency has evolved. Today, our team consists of a combination of family members and long-time devoted employees. In this rock band, everyone has their own instrument and role to play - producing a creative harmony that contributes to the overall success of the agency. We play well together as a team, striving to create that next ‘hit’, exceed our clients’ expectations and engage our audience.

No Reward Without Risk

While going out on your own is always a risk, it can also reap great rewards. With only a few local accounts to start, Tom dedicated himself to finding more clients and growing the agency. Growth came and Tom's band expanded. Over the years, our client list has grown substantially and our experience is quite a diverse mix. But we like it that way – who wants to keep playing for only one audience anyway! We’ve also found great partners with expertise we may not have in-house. It allows us to better achieve the overall marketing goals for our clients and it’s fun to jam with other ‘bands’ from time to time.

Still Creative After All These Years

As for our work – it never gets old. We’ve had to change a number of times over the years – becoming Barcelona Creative Group, adding team members, capabilities, etc. But all of these advancements, from new technology to new media, have helped us deliver even better results. Understanding our clients' business, understanding their goals and targeting their audience have become our strengths. Whether it’s creating or enhancing a brand, designing and developing a new website, reaching the right audience with a marketing campaign or building community through social media, we stop at nothing to create results for our clients. Like any good band, we understand that not every idea will be a big ‘hit.’ But we continue to practice and believe in the power of creativity.

It’s a belief that helps us dare to do things differently and always keep improving the agency. It helps us create that next big ‘hit’ and it keeps us rockin’ on! 

Looking Back At The Years...


Barcelona & Company Inc. opens office in Palos Heights


Pearl Jam releases debut album "Ten"


The Internet is born as 5 million users worldwide get online


Dave Matthews Band releases their first studio album, "Under The Table and Dreaming"


Adobe releases InDesign
Legendary Frank Sinatra dies at 82


The arrival of Coldplay


Apple releases the iPod


Juli Barcelona joins the agency


Carey Wise & Linda Barcelona join the agency
Apple opens the iTunes Music Store


Facebook website launches


Guitar Hero debuts on Sony PlayStation 2


Google purchases YouTube


The death of pop icon Michael Jackson


The original Apple iPad is released


Krista Hartman joins the agency


Barcelona Creative Group relocates to Burr Ridge


Cate Barcelona joins the agency


Nicole Davolt joins the agency