Manufacturing activity in the United States has increased in the last 2 years, as it continues to hold an 11% market share in the U.S. economy. In the next decade there will be 4.6 million manufacturing jobs that need to be filled by skilled workers. As the industry continues to grow and looks for new and effective ways to recruit the next generation of workers, BCG is ramping up our involvement within the manufacturing community.

We recently joined The Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) and it has been awesome to be able to connect with members. A couple of weeks ago we hosted a webinar in honor of Manufacturing Day (October 2, 2020) and Manufacturing month, which takes place throughout October. The webinar discussed how TMA members can use video and digital marketing strategies to tell their stories and highlight their workers as well as help recruit for jobs in the field during October and beyond.

How Are Manufacturers Recognizing Manufacturing Day in 2020?

With the challenges surrounding COVID, it has become difficult to celebrate #MFGDay20 in the ways that manufacturing companies across the nation have in past years. Thankfully in this world of incredible technology, TMA will be conducting Facebook Live Virtual Tours starting at Otto Engineering followed by Pro Mold & Die – two TMA member organizations. They are also doing interviews with a TMA instructor and a TMA student. All of this begins today!

Looking beyond #MFGDay20 is important because there are many ways for manufacturers to share their stories and promote their services and the industry as a whole. Digital marketing and social media channels offer very powerful ways to reach and engage with the next generation of workers. One of the major topics of our webinar was how to create and use video marketing to gain greater exposure and engagement in your social media efforts, as well as digital marketing tactics that can be used to find and target the right people on a local or national level.

Many of the digital marketing strategies we offer give manufacturers the ability to target and engage parents of young adults, those looking for a career change, or high school and college students who may be looking for an opportunity that can be found in the manufacturing field.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you add video to your marketing strategy or build a marketing plan to help you reach your target audience, let’s talk!

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