Barbie sales have been falling for years, proving that children don’t purchase Barbie dolls like they used to. But, it seems Mattel is trying to change that and in doing so they’re revamping Barbie’s image.

In the past we’ve seen Barbie in her signature high heels, in glamorous ballroom gowns, in her awesome convertible or in lots of pink. Now Mattel is taking a girl-power approach to their marketing in an attempt to finally get with the times.

A new ad from Mattel asks: “What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?” Little girls appear as professionals offering their knowledge to the adults around them. The ad shows girls living out what they hope to be, which is exactly what children do with their dolls – act out scenarios they imagine or hope to be in one day.

The ad is empowering and completely different from what we’ve seen from the brand in some time, which is probably part of the reason why it’s so great. And, while Barbie seems stronger on the inside, we can’t help but notice that she looks exactly the same on the outside. They may have changed Barbie’s image, but they didn’t change her perfect appearance, which has us wondering if the ad will have the effect that Mattel is hoping for.

Regardless of what the ad does to Barbie sales, Mattel is encouraging young girls to “imagine everything she can become” and teaching them they can “be anything.” It’s an ad that we think is created right.