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Barcelona Creative Group has tackled employee benefits from just about every angle. Through our strategic Orange Process™, we’ve helped clients boost their visibility and develop intriguing content in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our expertise in insurance, risk management and employee benefits is the result of decades of dedicated work for Third Party Administrators, agents, brokers, self-insured risk pools and more. We’ve seen massive market shifts from traditional to digital media, staying at the forefront of new media to help benefits professionals take full advantage of these strategies.

Many insurance and employee benefits professionals fail to see the value of establishing a strong brand presence. But, building brand awareness and implementing a multichannel marketing and communications plan helps expand and foster relationships with brokers and other referral sources, which in turn boosts sales efforts.

Reaching unique and highly targeted audiences, such as brokers, advisors and employers, takes skill and precision. We’ve mastered where to find them and how to engage them. And we stay on top of the never-ending question of “what’s next?”

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