Create PromiseDiversified Group

  • Brand Identity

    Brand Identity

  • Goal

    When we began working with Diversified Group Brokerage, their four companies each displayed different names, logos and promises. Our Discovery Process quickly revealed a need for clarity, both internally and externally.
  • Insights

    Although we needed to unify this extraordinary group of companies, we did not want to ignore the history and success that each company had achieved over the years. Individually and collectively, the Diversified Group of companies contribute to a common mission – to be ‘Your Solution to Health Benefits’.

    Diversified Group offers outstanding customer service, creative thinking and a commitment to helping clients take control of employee healthcare costs. They are dedicated to designing and administering cost effective, self-funded health benefit plans. Their leadership team is forward thinking, innovative and dedicated to growth.

    With the challenges and complexities surrounding healthcare today, they know that employers are looking for direction and solutions that can help control costs. They provide peace of mind by helping employers provide quality healthcare. The materials we create encourage employers and brokers to talk with Diversified Group before choosing their next healthcare benefit plan.
  • Collateral - Newsletter

    Collateral - Newsletter

  • Strategy

    The Diversified Group brand represents a group of well-respected companies and the trust and confidence that clients and business partners place in them.

    All collateral materials are created to support their sales efforts and help them compete more effectively. In addition to updating their website, we use social media and other digital marketing tactics to strengthen their online presence, provide content that is both informative and educational, generate leads and build their reputation as experts in self-insured employee health benefits.
  • Results

    The Diversified Group brand is strong and they are growing. They are adding clients, expanding existing client relationships and enhancing their service offerings.
    • In 2014 they helped 30 new groups adopt self-funded strategies.
    • In 2014 they saved their clients over $220 million.
    • Clients and plan members are happy, with retention averaging 10+ years.
    • Over the last 5 years, they have saved their clients over $1 billion.
  • Collateral - Sell Sheet

    Collateral - Sell Sheet