30 and Rising: P02 – Amazon Targeting

2020-09-14T13:05:20+00:00September 14th, 2020|Podcasts|

In this episode of the 30 and Rising Marketing Podcast, Barcelona Creative Group leaders Juli Barcelona and Cate Horvatic, discuss how businesses can fuel their online and digital campaigns with the power of Amazon Targeting! Amazon Targeting is a great strategy for businesses that do not have e-commerce on their site, or do not sell their products on Amazon.com, which makes it an awesome digital marketing strategy for B2B, automotive, law offices, colleges and universities, financial institutions and medical facilities. Let's talk!

30 and Rising: P01 – Digital Marketing Strategies to Help You Stand Out from Competitors

2020-09-12T17:51:13+00:00August 13th, 2020|Podcasts|

In this episode of the 30 and Rising podcast Juli and Cate discuss the need for businesses today to do things differently and get creative when it comes to their marketing strategy. And, how being innovative with new media can help your business stand out from competitors. They discuss how and why people are spending their time on Connected TV and Online Audio – two specific digital marketing tactics that make sense for advertisers today and how these strategies allow you to target the right customers for your business.