The Power of Creativity

At Barcelona Creative Group, we harness the power of creativity to build Brands inside and out. Brands that connect with both your people and your buyers.

With the right strategy, brilliant ideas can be created and measurable results can be achieved. We uncover the right messages and determine the most effective multi-channel approach to present your brand to the marketplace.

The Orange Process™

Our proven Brand Strategy – The Orange Process™ – starts with discovery. By examining goals, motivations, practices and the internal strengths of your Brand, we uncover who your audience is, where to find them and how to engage them. This strategic and proven approach drives our performance and your results.


Facilitating and conducting research to better understand your business and discover the essence of your brand.


Discoveries are used to develop a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that identifies the right strategies and tactics for your brand.


Creating the messaging and materials that will give your brand new life and your team the tools and resources they need to succeed.


Launching the MAP into the marketplace using the media channels and tactics that will best achieve your marketing objectives.


Using data collected from executed campaigns and analytics, we provide you with logical insights on performance and ROI.

What Can We Create For You?

If you’re ready to work with a marketing powerhouse, then it’s time we talked.