No matter the world’s current climate, it’s essential to “keep your eye on the ball.” People’s experience with your brand will always be an important factor in their decision making process, in the marketing funnel and to becoming a loyal customer. Below are some ways to stay top of mind:

Be Consistent

This is not the time to retreat or pull back when it comes to your marketing efforts. Make sure your brand is frequently seen by posting on social media and interacting with current and potential customers. Consistently work to build your brand so it’s not easily forgotten.

Be Bold

Take risks and keep content fresh and interesting – trust us, it is worth it. Staying creative and thinking differently can help set your brand apart and generate buzz. Keeping up with what the competition, and your industry, is doing can generate unique ideas that just might give people new insight into what your products and services can offer them.

Prepare for Post-Pandemic

While times are extremely uncertain and it may seem like nothing will ever go back to normal, it’s important to prepare and be proactive for life post-pandemic. Consider your customers’ behaviors over recent months and how their mindset may have changed or might change in the future. Take the time to learn about people’s wants and needs – especially your current and prospective customers – and use those insights to think innovatively.

Utilize Native Advertising

Native display or video ads fit within the context of the website or app they appear on and are positioned within the content that a person is viewing. As people have become resistant to more blatant, traditional forms of advertising, native ads are effective for businesses because they are embedded alongside other relevant content, generally clicked on more often and can result in higher engagement, recall and influence.

Can you measure results when it comes to building brand awareness?

In the digital world, ABSOLUTELY! The best part about incorporating digital tactics into your marketing plan is there are metrics to measure success. Some of the basics include impressions, click-through rates, website traffic and conversions. But there are so many more! That’s why it’s important to work with your marketing team to set goals and objectives and incorporate the right tactics in your marketing strategy.

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