For some, autumn means only two things: football and beer. Bud Light has now found the simple, yet unique connection between the two to launch their new “#MyTeamCan” marketing campaign. As the National Football League begins the 2015-16 season, fans will be able to host parties and sit back on their couches with beer cans stamped with their favorite team logo.

28 out of the 32 NFL teams are advertised on Bud Light’s new beer cans. The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings are not included in this collection because of their current sponsorship with MillerCoors. The beer can collection was first launched at this summer’s nationwide Mad Decent Block Party music festival, with more than 200,000 cans distributed. All the team cans are now available for purchase.

Each team on Bud Light’s list also has a printed, customized message that expresses “the perfect beer” and represents a piece of history or another concept related to the team or city:

Arizona Cardinals: The perfect beer for protecting the nest

Atlanta Falcons: The perfect beer for celebrating 50 years in flight

Baltimore Ravens: The perfect beer for entering every door like it’s a stadium tunnel

Buffalo Bills: The perfect beer for shoveling your way to the stadium at least once a year

Carolina Panthers: The perfect beer for growling so loud it shakes both states

Cleveland Browns: The perfect beer Dawg Pound proud

Denver Broncos: The perfect beer for greeting strangers with the Mile High Salute

Detroit Lions: The perfect beer for being the motor behind Motor City

Houston Texans: The perfect beer for becoming an honorary member of the Bull Pen

Indianapolis Colts: The perfect beer for horsing around with the boys in blue

Jacksonville Jaguars: The perfect beer for earning your spots

Kansas City Chiefs: The perfect beer for cheering at 142.2dB with 76,415 of your closest friends

Miami Dolphins: The perfect beer for making tonight like the ’72 season – perfect

New England Patriots: The perfect beer for dropping R’s but never passes

New Orleans Saints: The perfect beer for believing “black and gold” every day makes perfect sense

New York Giants: The perfect beer for shouting “Go Big Blue!” until your face turns red

New York Jets: The perfect beer for chanting J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS

Oakland Raiders: The perfect beer for uniting a nation. Raider Nation.

Philadelphia Eagles: The perfect beer for proving VICTORY is spelled E-A-G-L-E-S

Pittsburgh Steelers: The perfect beer for making tonight “immaculate”

San Diego Chargers: The perfect beer for striking like lightning, then cheering like thunder

San Francisco 49ers: The perfect beer for using this can to recreate ‘The Catch’

Seattle Seahawks: The perfect beer for cheering so loudly it registers on the Richter scale

St. Louis Rams: The perfect beer for toasting the defense, and the ravioli

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The perfect beer for channeling your inner Captain Fear

Tennessee Titans: The perfect beer for making miracles happen in music city

Washington Redskins: The perfect beer for fighting on ‘til you have won

“We know that the association of the NFL and teams is having a positive impact on Bud Light,” said Bud Light Vice President Alexander Lambrecht. “We want to make sure that in the way we design the campaign, we can become much more locally relevant.”

Bud Light has always been an essential accessory at the party table during football season. Now with these new cans, parties can be more personalized and fans can literally drink to their team. Although the beer franchise has done a project similar to this campaign before, the individual team slogans are something consumers have never seen before. It devotes more attention to the team and how the fans represent their dedication and devotion to the sport. While, of course, many of the beer cans will be recycled after the game, they can also become collectables for the truest fans. Sport dedication changes throughout the decades as fans go from collecting trading cards to jerseys to shot glasses. The NFL beer cans might be next on the list.


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