A Christmas ad was recently released by a British supermarket chain called Sainsbury’s. Some quickly called it one of the best of the season as it was watched more than 1 million times in just 24 hours.

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The video is titled “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” and it is a story about an accident-prone cat who sets her family’s house on fire, among other mishaps, and basically ruins Christmas. However, there is a heartening end to the narrative when the cat is presumed a hero and the whole neighborhood chips in to help restore Christmas for the family.

What’s also great is the story behind the cat. She is the creation of a bestselling children’s author who wrote a series about the loveable creature. For Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign, the author brought the cat’s story back to life and wrote a new book to go with the ad that will be sold in Sainsbury’s stores, with profits going to charity.

So, not only is Sainsbury telling an endearing tale this Christmas, they are also giving back to those in need. And, what could capture the spirit of the holidays more than that?

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