Next to social media profiles, your website will be the first thing people visit to learn more about your organization. By now we should also agree that having a powerful website is not only expected, it’s absolutely required. And today, user experience expectations go well beyond what most websites are delivering.

We’re guilty of it too – thinking our website was “good enough”. But, it’s been a couple of years since our last rebuild and we decided it was time for a little refresh. The plan was nothing too crazy, just a little updating here and there. We started by reading through content and pondering a little on where we were a couple of years ago compared to where we are now. It didn’t take long to realize that we had changed, evolved to become better than what our website was telling the world. We decided that we owed it to ourselves, and our clients, to fix that. And so, we blew up our website! And we suggest you consider doing the same to yours a little more often than you may want to.

The thought of any website makeover, whether minor or a full reconstruction is intimidating, understandably. It requires resources, expenses and can feel risky. But the truth is, blowing up your website, or part of your website, does not have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. And, when it comes to taking the leap, we say “Change for the better!”

Every day your organization is growing, changing, and as a result, your website becomes outdated much faster than you might think. A website overhaul or content re-evaluation can illuminate the ways your online presence may not accurately reflect your brand, your work or your accomplishments.

“When we decided to redo our website, all we wanted was to freshen up the look of the site and some of the content. Until we realized that the language did not really reflect where our brand is today. So much had changed and we wanted to embrace and take pride in that!” – commented Juli Barcelona, President

Making small changes to your site is always good and it might feel like you’re doing “enough.” But let’s face it – the online world changes so rapidly that some demolition every few years will allow your organization to re-examine where it’s been and where it is today. More importantly, it offers a chance to better plan for where your organization is headed. Your website can become a space where you can materialize goals and intentions and tell the story of what your organization has accomplished.

It can open the door to endless opportunities to attract and engage new prospects, showcase industry expertise and strengthen the brand identity of your entire organization.

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