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How Do You Measure Social Media Success?

Businesses of all sizes utilize social media in their marketing budgets, joining the social networks because they understand that visibility can help boost their brand. But how is this social media marketing success measured? An article posted earlier this year to Harvard Business Review, which is included below, goes into detail about how many companies are using the wrong units of measurements when evaluating their social media success. Whether you haven’t gone social yet and are unsure which platforms are best for your business, or you’re having trouble measuring the impact of your current social media activity, Barcelona Creative

Is Your Google Rank Becoming Obsolete?

We have talked about artificial intelligence (AI) and Google’s use of RankBrain recently to help you understand the wave of digital marketing. As AI grows and improves, you can expect to find more individual user customization. This technology has some marketers worried that your Google rank would no longer be relevant to SEO. Others predict the technology can actually improve results for marketers because it will generate more quality leads for businesses, rather than just impressions for the sake of numbers. By the end of the year, we will see AI have a more considerable influence over traditional search

The Road Ahead for Digital and Social

It’s been a long month for digital and social media. On March 16, Facebook made headlines when it suspended Cambridge Analytica and its parent company, SCL Group, a private British behavior research and strategic communication company, for not deleting data from a developer that violated platform policies. Within a couple of days, the case twisted and spiraled to reports that Cambridge Analytica was not only able to pull data for up to 87 million Facebook users, but also exploit enough information to develop psychographic profiles on tens of millions. This violation is currently being investigated at the highest levels,

Keeping Connected AND Staying Creative

The digital world, the world of social media and online marketing, is constantly changing. Today, companies have a plethora of opportunities to enhance marketing capabilities with new platforms, more audience choices, and even changes instated by service vendors like Google. We find with this state of change comes renewed potential to enhance creativity. Yet so many teams don’t take advantage of it the way they could. This can manifest in two distinct ways: With an industry that evolves so rapidly, many become obsessed to keep up with what’s trendy. As a result, they cling to the shiniest and newest

Google and Artificial Intelligence Continue to Change the Game

Recently, we wrote a piece about artificial intelligence. Most people will agree that they notice how Google, in particular, utilizes AI to help deliver relevant content and advertising to individual users. Google uses a program called RankBrain to sort through billions of web pages and finds the ones that are most pertinent to the user based on particular queries and behaviors. RankBrain is essentially a machine-learning algorithm. What’s that, you ask? Georgia Tech News explains it by saying, “A subcategory of artificial intelligence, machine learning deals with the construction of algorithms that enable computers to learn from and react

Artificial Intelligence

What is it? Where is it heading? How does it help? In the movies, filmmakers have imagined a world where machines take life and intermix with humans seamlessly. Iconic robotic characters like R2D2 or C3PO from Star Wars endear viewers with quirky sound effects, genius technical fixes for sticky situations and enough personality to help us to see them as human. Even on the Oscars the other night, BB8 graced the stage to help present a gold statue with his Star Wars co-stars. More and more, the fantasy world of artificial intelligence is weaving its way into everyday life.

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