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Pandemic Boosts Digital Media

EMarketer, a publication we follow closely, reports that most forms of digital media have seen their activity grow significantly during the pandemic. Over the Top TV (OTT), live video, digital audio and podcasts have experienced far more growth than industry observers ever expected. Subscription OTT services such as Netflix, YouTube Pro, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and others have been the biggest winners. Subscriptions have grown by more than 13% this year, to more than 207 million. Live video viewers, or internet users who watch live streaming video at least once a month, have risen by 15.1 million to more

Digital Advertising for the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year will be here before you know it! And with each of the holidays approaching - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - comes great opportunities for digital advertising, which means the best time to start planning for 4th quarter is NOW. You've been hearing from us a lot on how much more time people are spending on their devices during the pandemic - shopping, streaming, sharing. The habits that have been formed over these months were not just temporary. More people are going to continue doing their shopping online, making digital advertising a great way

Amazon Targeting: An Opportunity your Business Shouldn’t Pass Up is a platform that’s growing at an astronomical rate and as its number of users grows so does the opportunity for businesses to reach new consumers through the site. Amazon averages 200 million unique visitors per month and is projected to have 230.5 million shoppers in the United States alone by the year 2021. With all of this online growth, Amazon has built a unique platform to help businesses target ads based on consumers’ online activity. While a business can go directly to Amazon to put together an advertising campaign, you will need to spend a minimum of

A Google My Business Listing Can Increase Website Traffic by up to 35%

Contrary to Paid Search Advertising, your Google My Business listing is not something that is searchable by users. It is information that you give to Google that Google then uses to populate on the Google Search Engine Results Pages, Knowledge Graph and Google Maps.

Building Brand Awareness – Always Essential for Any Business

Uncertain times are not the time to retreat or pull back when it comes to your marketing efforts. People’s experience with your brand will always be an important factor in their decision making process, in the marketing funnel and to becoming a loyal customer.

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