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Is Your Brand Ready to Graduate?

Summer is just a few weeks away, and many of us are dreaming of vacation. It’s so tempting to hang the “Gone Fishing” sign and take the summer off, but your brand never takes a day off. Rather than checking out, check in with your brand strategy. Not sure if your brand deserves a passing grade? Put it to the test. Does the strength of your brand start from within? Too often, organizations try to build an external marketing strategy first, focusing on selling a brand before they build it. This creates a “cart before the horse” situation. Before your


Why Brands Must Be Built from Within

We recently came across an incredibly spot-on article from HubSpot that really proves something we know to be true here at Barcelona Creative Group. The utter importance of building a brand from the inside out, NOT from the outside in. When you build a Brand that is strong inside, it becomes even more powerful on the outside and it becomes a brand that is able to truly connect with BOTH your people and your marketplace. In case you’re wondering what sort of impact marketing your brand to internal employees could have on your company, we suggest you read below.

Your Brand & Your People – Now That’s a Relationship Worth Nurturing!

If your life was a rom-com, there would be a scene where you ran down the beach into the arms of your brand. Or, your brand would be standing outside your bedroom window holding a boombox blasting “In Your Eyes.” If you were Demi Moore, your brand would be your ghost. If you’re a bird, your brand is a bird. But seriously, imagine being in love, real L-O-V-E, with your brand. Imagine if your employees gushed about your brand to their best gal pals, and told all their buds that it’s the one. Like any other love, romancing your

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The One Where We Talk About Resolutions

Happy 2019 everyone! If you’re like me and still writing 2018, you might find it hard to believe that February is only a week away. That’s right, the entire first month of this new year will soon be OVER. Did you make any resolutions for the year? It’s been reported that 65% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution[1]. Resolving to start fresh and better yourself is great, but it seems that most of us struggle with the follow through. That same report found that 9.2% of those people who made resolutions will follow through and 80% of resolutions fail

Stop Neglecting Your Employees. Take an Active Approach to Internal Brand Building.

Taking the time (and money) to optimize customer experience can undoubtedly pay off, but many organizations fail to focus on one thing that might prove even more valuable – improving employee experience. A major factor in employee experience is employee engagement, a practice that relies on humanizing your brand and addressing the emotional and social needs of your employees. Prioritizing the human capital of your business can help improve your brand’s reputation as an employer, as well as improving overall employee performance. More likely than not, you’ve spent time discovering what it is that makes your brand special to

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Open Enrollment Will End. Healthcare Confusion Will Not. Be a Resource All Year Long.

Knowing that half of employees are spending less time reviewing their benefits than it takes to get a pizza delivered might make employers feel it’s impossible to really reach their workforce. At any given time, there can be a million flashing lights occupying employees’ interests, giving employers a very limited amount of time to catch their attention. This is where benefits experts can truly shine. Put your true value on full display by positioning yourself as an accessible source of information beyond open enrollment period. Benefits administrators can accomplish this through smart content marketing – consistently sharing educational materials

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