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Want to Make Your Brand a Crowd Favorite?

With the uninterrupted access that social media and mobile advertising bring to brands, it’s never been more crucial to stand out from the crowd. Creating a strong brand that shines from the inside out is the best way to resonate with your team as well as your marketplace. Not sure how to bring a breath of fresh air to your brand? Here are a few ways to get started.

Why Brands Must Be Built from Within

We recently came across an incredibly spot-on article from HubSpot that really proves something we know to be true here at Barcelona Creative Group. The utter importance of building a brand from the inside out, NOT from the outside in. When you build a Brand that is strong inside, it becomes even more powerful on the outside and it becomes a brand that is able to truly connect with BOTH your people and your marketplace. In case you’re wondering what sort of impact marketing your brand to internal employees could have on your company, we suggest you read below.

Healthcare Needs a Hero. Will You Answer the Call?

Recently, I attended a conference for employee benefit administrators. It’s an event I’ve been attending for many years now as our agency has worked with third party administrators for nearly 30 years. As always, I left with nuggets of valuable information and a few great ideas, but this last time struck a different chord. I was listening to a panel discussion where industry leaders were questioning who it was they truly served – the employers or the plan members (aka the employees and their dependents who actually use the health benefit plan offered by the employer)? As the debate

How Communication Impacts Employee Loyalty & Engagement

“…77% of employees who understood the benefits on offer said they saw themselves at their organization for the foreseeable future.” Employee Benefit News recently published an article that included some staggering statistics and strong insight into how important it is to not only listen to and get to know your workforce and their needs, but to also effectively communicate information to them in an understandable way. FACT: employees are extremely confused by their healthcare benefits. Yet most companies are not doing their part to adequately educate their employees on the topic. Taking the time to explain what’s offered and

Calling you leaders out there. What’s going on in your industry today?

Too easy. Here’s a better question: What’s going on in your office today? How about this week? This month? This year? Business today feels like it’s rapidly and constantly changing. No matter which industry you hang your hat on, there seems to be a never-ending need to evolve, to transform. All the while, it’s equally important to stay deeply connected to the people who make your workplace tick. The duality can be tricky and intimidating, but as marketers, we honestly believe finding effective ways to communicate with your stakeholders – employees and customers, alike – is the key to staying


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