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Trust, Its Loss and Its Opportunity

“Your word is your bond.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard. But today, with the seemingly never-ending cases of corporate scandal, corruption, sensationalism and overpromising while under-delivering, it feels more often that words are just sales tactics and not the tacit agreement they once symbolized. And people have taken notice. In fact, they’re fed up with it. With the recent and persistent cascade of issues around big companies, it seems customers no longer believe corporations will do the right thing for the customer, for the environment or for the common good. The trust once inherent in organizations’ supportive customers

Looking Back on a Year of Statement Advertising

In many respects, 2017 was a big year. You can’t argue that it was a year filled with statements, movements and speaking out. In advertising, some companies chose to gamble by taking bold stances and/or becoming controversial voices. And for some, this approach ultimately paid off with large-scale notice and international accolades from professional institutions. In 2018, we expect to see even more companies trying to find opportunities to make big statements. If you’re thinking about advertising, regardless of whether you choose to take a funny or more serious tone, we recommend taking one extra step into boldness, to stand


12 Major Marketing Trends for Financial Institutions in 2018

The article below was published on December 4, 2017 on The Financial Brand, written by Jeffry Pilcher. 1. Smashing Silos: Cross-Departmental Integration The financial industry has long been plagued by org charts built around departmental silos. In banking, everyone works on their own initiatives with separate goals. Seldom is there collaboration between teams. Sometimes, the competition between departments can be downright adversarial. But marketing today is about the customer experience — one that’s integrated across multiple channels and touchpoints. To find success in the modern marketing landscape, CMOs will have to build bridges across multiple departments and link multiple disciplines

Focusing on the Customer Experience

Where have you been shopping for your holiday gifts this year? Today, it seems consumers only purchase from large retailers, opting for the quick convenience of the Amazons of the world, rather than supporting local shops. Even events like #SmallBusinessSaturday, a post-Thanksgiving staple aimed at benefiting the local retailer, seem to pale in comparison to events like #CyberMonday, where customers can shop from home and still snag sale deals. Small, brick-and-mortar shops and vendors tout personal touch and a great customer experience as reasons to keep shopping local. But in a recent 25-country study by IBM, it was discovered

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The Power of Creativity

A new year is underway, so we thought why not take this opportunity to renew our creative energy? Today, businesses must possess two key traits: creativity and innovation. Creativity lays the groundwork for business opportunities, and innovation puts ideas into practice. For a business to be creative, its people must first be creative. Creativity inspires all of us here at Barcelona Creative Group, a marketing and branding agency in Burr Ridge, IL. And, it’s what our clients look to us for. So, we’re focusing our energy in this new year in the one thing we truly believe in –

More of Our Favorite Christmas Commercials

Recently, we’ve been posting about some of the holiday ads out there that we were particularly fond of. Many of them were on trend with the rest of the year’s advertising – really tugging at the heartstrings. There is one brand out there that has rolled out a number of holiday ads for the season and while some are funny, others are more on the touching side. But, all of them are pretty great, worth watching and they all come from…Toys R’ Us. I’d have to say that the favorite is one called “Lost” that features Barbie and Ken driving

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