What is it? Where is it heading? How does it help?

In the movies, filmmakers have imagined a world where machines take life and intermix with humans seamlessly. Iconic robotic characters like R2D2 or C3PO from Star Wars endear viewers with quirky sound effects, genius technical fixes for sticky situations and enough personality to help us to see them as human. Even on the Oscars the other night, BB8 graced the stage to help present a gold statue with his Star Wars co-stars. More and more, the fantasy world of artificial intelligence is weaving its way into everyday life.

You may have seen this commercial with Common for Microsoft AI. It’s true. The power of artificial intelligence is vast. The capabilities are new, exciting and mostly undiscovered. More and more our machines have the capability to read and understand their environments. They can take complex problems and break them down into simple steps. Then those steps are further evaluated to present opportunities for solutions. They can break down repetitive tasks, analyze data and predict behaviors based on a human’s actions, activities, location, searches and more, allowing them to predict how to assist you in your daily life.

Artificial intelligence will continue to weave into our lives and systems will continue to improve. The innovation is compelling, and we will watch carefully for opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence in order to tailor our marketing efforts for our consumers. While the fun movie robots may not become part of our immediate world, don’t be surprised to find solutions in steel and machinery as a way of automating systems or streamlining work tasks. Leave it to us to show you how to leverage it to make the most of your digital marketing efforts.


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