Is your agency able to answer why they choose to implement the tactics they do with your marketing plan? If not, are you asking for the reasons behind their recommendations?

Barcelona Creative Group (BCG) loves big ideas and trying new things with clients – creative, after all, is our middle name. But we know it isn’t enough to merely have and try to pull off a big idea. Often, we see competitors in our industry choosing quick judgment calls, flashy and untested methods, and opinions over insights without meaningful “whys,” resulting in work that doesn’t yield outcomes.

We believe knowing the why behind each action is critical to building trusting and productive relationships with our clients. That’s why we offer answers early on when we walk through our recommended Marketing Action Plans (MAPs), taking time to ensure clients know the reasons we suggest an approach, and what results we are looking for when we put each piece of a plan into play.

We outshine the competition by continually evolving and improving. Our team stays on top of the current market climate to bring our clients’ missions to life in innovative ways. We balance new ideas with decades of experience and evidence-based rationales that support our suggestions. As we merge innovation with knowledge and data, we continue to evaluate the full spectrum of options available, and we pride ourselves on knowing and finding the most effective methods – what works – for clients to achieve their respective goals.

So, are you asking your marketing team the why behind their what’s? Are you asking how they know what they’re suggesting is right for your particular mission and your goals? If you’re ready to work with an agency that thrives on having these answers, reach out to us. We exist to help clients think about their brands and business objectives and goals, to elevate their marketing communications, separate themselves from the competition and succeed.


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