is a platform that’s growing at an astronomical rate and as its number of users grows so does the opportunity for businesses to reach new consumers through the site. Amazon averages 200 million unique visitors per month and is projected to have 230.5 million shoppers in the United States alone by the year 2021. With all of this online growth, Amazon has built a unique platform to help businesses target ads based on consumers’ online activity.

While a business can go directly to Amazon to put together an advertising campaign, you will need to spend a minimum of $35,000 per month with Amazon alone. But not with our help! We have the ability to offer Amazon Targeting to clients at an affordable level.

How Does Amazon Targeting Work?

Amazon Targeting allows us to use the massive amounts of data about its users to develop digital advertising campaigns that target the best people for your business with display ads on and off and video/OTT ads on Amazon owned properties and partner websites and apps. Amazon is great for businesses that do not have e-commerce on their website, or do not sell their products on, which makes it an awesome strategy for B2B, automotive, law offices, colleges and universities, financial institutions and medical facilities.

Why is Amazon Advertising Effective?

In the last year, 96% of consumers visited Amazon and 50% of product searches started on Amazon as opposed to 35% on Google. With Amazon Targeting, you can reach consumers on all of Amazon’s owned properties and across all devices. Some of these platforms include Fire TV, and IMDB TV. Amazon has also partnered with over 5,000 popular websites and apps that ads can appear on, giving businesses an opportunity to reach their target people on other very popular platforms.

How are Ads Targeted Using Amazon Data?

The most important aspect of creating any Amazon campaign is making sure it will reach the right audience for your business. Then comes choosing the best targeting strategies, which may include Amazon Behavioral Targeting, Amazon Product Targeting, Amazon Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike and Amazon Retargeting. Let’s break each of these down a bit…

Amazon Behavioral Targeting

Your ads are shown to specific people based on their Amazon purchase history, searches and browsing across Amazon properties and 1,000’s of partner websites and apps. With this approach, you can get as specific as you’d like to identify the right people. As just one example – targeting users in a certain group of zip codes based on a certain movie they watched using Prime Video.

Amazon Product Targeting

This audience is built based on who searched for, browsed or purchased a specific product, or group of products, on Amazon or any of their owned properties. For example, you can target anyone Amazon perceives as having been in the market for a new camera – getting as specific as what price range they were considering, what camera size, etc.

Amazon Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike

By providing Amazon with a list of customer emails or household addresses, we are then able to match those contacts to actual Amazon users and show them your display, video or OTT ads across Amazon properties, partner websites and apps. We can also build a lookalike audience to serve your ads to people that resemble those original contacts – ones with similar online behaviors, similar demographics or geographic location, etc.

Amazon Retargeting

Retargeting allows us to continue to follow consumers as they visit other sites or apps after they leave your website. Retargeting increases frequency and reminds them of your business, product or service. Retargeting also helps to increase conversion rates. Once the user converts on your website, the ad stops being displayed to that user.

Are There Any Restrictions?

While there is a huge variety of businesses or products that can be advertised, Amazon does have a few restrictions. Some of these restrictions include beer, wine, wineries, hard liquor, cannabis, CBD, tobacco, casinos, gentleman’s clubs, guns, weapons, firearms, fireworks, supplements, weight loss, lotteries, political, specific medical procedures or short term or high interest loans. You also cannot target users who have looked at or purchased specific medications, pregnancy tests, adult toys, bullets, diet pills or alcohol. Amazon also does not allow a specific doctor’s name at a specific practice to be advertised and the same is true for real estate agents.

Amazon Targeting is something you don’t want to miss out on! Amazon continues to grow and improve as does its number of users – which only means ever-increasing opportunities for your business to grow too.

The digital experts at Barcelona Creative Group can help you get started and fuel your online and digital campaigns with the power of Amazon.

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