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Unleashing the Power of Creativity 

We believe strongly in the power of creativity. Let's face it, regardless of what, how or why, creating is what we do everyday. It's why you need us on your team.

Some clients who come to us simply don't know where to begin; they just know they need help. Others may have an idea, but they don't know how to bring it to life. Either way, that's why we are here - we exist to solve your problem, to create what you need, whatever that might be.

Being creative is having the ability to make something great, make your business better and help you achieve your goals. Here at BCG, we don't just see things for what they are, we see them for what they could become.

What can we create for you?


The 'Rock Bands' of the Business World

If ad people are rock bands, then the business world is their audience... Just ask Tom Barcelona who, after 12 years, left his agency position with the desire to start his own firm. Barcelona & Company, Inc. was formed in March of 1990 with just 2 employees and a few previous clients who chose to follow him. Over the last 25 years, just as the music world has evolved, so has this agency. 

Our History