Linda BarcelonaOffice Manager

Linda is the agency's "team mom." Group lunches and office events are just as important to her as keeping the ageny's books, handling payables and maintaining the office calendar. You can bet on the days that she is in the office there will always be a treat or two around someplace!

What is one thing you like about working with family and one thing that you don't?

You are relaxed enough to be open and honest with each other - sometimes, too open and honest!

Describe the soundtrack of your life in 3 to 5 songs.

Beach Boys
Burt Bacherach
Michael Buble

What is one thing that you always bring to work with you?

A smile and a glass of ice water.

What are your interests away from the office?

Baking, gardening and golf.

What super power do you dream of possessing?

Atmokinesis - the ability to control the weather.

What do you think the world needs more of right now?

People should be thinking of others and not just have a "me" mentality.

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