Juli BarcelonaPresident and COO

Juli brings serious creative planning skills to the company and its clients, not to mention some pretty aggressive goals for agency growth. She manages most client relationships and directs digital campaigns for many of BCG's clients.

Get to Know Juli...

What is one thing you like about working with your family and one thing you don't like?

You have plenty of time to ask them the things that you'd normally have to call to talk about. But, you can't really complain about your family to your co-workers!

Describe the soundtrack of your life in 3 to 5 songs.

"Days Like This" by Van Morrison
"The Long Day is Over" by Norah Jones
"Take the Time" by Freddy Jones Band
"One Safe Place" by Marc Cohn

How long have you worked here?

I think 13 years ago, but after this long it's hard to keep track!

What excites you most about your work and the contribution you make?

What excites me most is that you're never really doing the same thing twice. Every day, every client is different. And knowing that the success of the agency is largely dependent upon what I am able to help it achieve.

What super power do you dream of possessing?

I wish I could fly. I am known to have a small case of "lead foot" and flying would just get me where I need to go so much faster!

What is your favorite way to relax?

Sitting in the sun or taking a nap - because while I'm asleep is really the only time I actually relax!

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