Create Brand AwarenessHeide Wealth Management Group

  • Goal

    After transitioning through broker-dealer acquisitions and the required name changes, Dave Heide and his partners engaged us to develop a brand identity they could call their own – one that would represent the values they bring to each client relationship and one that would endure in an ever-changing financial services industry.
  • Strategy

    We created a new Heide brand identity – including a distinctive new logo, brand promise and supporting collateral materials.

    In everything we create, we work to convey a very upscale, yet warm and down to earth feeling that is so important to every member of the Heide team. We use a combination of rich colors and semi-casual photos to represent how professional, yet approachable their team members are. Their approach can be best conveyed by this quote from Dave Heide, founder of the firm...

    “When people place their trust in us, we feel personally responsible for their financial well-being and for the decisions we make on their behalf. It’s this attitude and commitment to our clients that contributes to their success and ours.”
    Advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to use sight and sound have made cable television our primary media choice for Heide. The combination of strategic programming and professionally produced commercials gives Heide a presence that sets them apart in a very crowded, competitive marketplace.
  • Insights

    Heide Wealth Management Group strives to be recognized for "outside the box" thinking and dynamic investment strategies.

    They serve individuals, families, businesses, non-profits and public entities with $1 million or more of investable assets. Their marketing communications target high net worth individuals and professionals who require specialized expertise and a high level of personalized service.

    Their promise – to deliver trusted advice and exceptional service – is evident in the personal relationships they form with their clients and it must be apparent in their marketing message.
  • Collateral - Presentation Folder

    Collateral - Presentation Folder

  • Collateral - Capabilities Brochure

    Collateral - Capabilities Brochure

  • Results

    Heide Wealth Management Group is a very well established firm. They are highly respected and trusted by the individuals and organizations they serve. By conveying their brand essence in everything they say and do, Heide Wealth Management Group continues to expand their team of client service professionals, enhance their services and grow their client base. In 2015, David Heide was named one of the nation’s top 1,200 investment advisors by Barron’s.